Ever Wondered About Cravings?

A powerful desire for something. 

We tend to associate that something with some kind of food, because in many cases we crave food items. If we look at the feelings brought on by cravings we can generally rate them on a scale of one to ten. The low end (one) being subtle, to the high end being intense desire for something (CHOCOLATE, we get it).

In many ways we have come to associate cravings with deprivation in that we crave things when we deprive ourselves of them; caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and other substances do cause our bodies to react this way because they become dependant on the stimulation or depression they receive from the substances. Sometimes our craving junk foods like candy or fried foods is for the dense calorie content as low blood sugar levels send out grehlin, which acts as your body’s inner ‘gremlin’ and engages the see-food diet.

Alternatively, the feeling of a craving is actually a biological message- we crave foods that are high in the nutrients our bodies are lacking, as a means of communication from our inner selves, outward. Brilliant! For example, going back to this chocolate thing (and we’re talking real 80% or darker chocolate, not the sugar you’re craving in those candy bars), many of us crave chocolate for the high magnesium concentration as the majority of us seem to be lacking in magnesium. Although this can help us to know what our bodies are lacking, it’s not the exactly most effective way, and many of us can have a hard time distinguishing cravings.

In general, a good way to stop craving the foods we know aren’t benefitting us in any way  is by removing them from our diet. Sometimes removing them concrete intense cravings as our conscious decision to not have it anymore sends our subconscious into starvation mode thinking it will starve without this item. Fight the cravings, stay strong, you will be rewarded with dissipating intensity and after a few days the cravings should stop. Allowing our natural cravings to come through slows us to nourish our bodies accordingly.

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