Let's talk about w a t e r

It’s really the source of all life, without it no plants animals, or humans would be here. If you think about it, we came from the ocean. We were given life from mineral-rich fluid, it let us move and regulated our biological functions. We even still carry the ocean with us, inside each of our cells.

Water makes up more than half of who we are; 55-60% of our bodyweight is made up of the stuff. Our eyes are about 95% water, adipose tissue is about 25%, muscle and brain tissue about 75%, blood about 83% and even our bones are about 22% water. I’m sure you’d imagine it plays an important role in our lives and body processes, and you’d be right. Water has many important jobs. It lubricates joints and acts as a shock absorber for the eyes and spinal cord, regulates our temperature by cooling us with sweat, transports substances- brings nutrients to cells and carries waste away, and water catalyses (starts) chemical reactions and provides our body with minerals.

Because of the significant role water plays to all life, you can see how important it is to get quality water. The water in our taps (at least here in Calgary) is far from optimal drinking water, likely containing fluoride, prescription drug remnants and a pretty hefty amount of chlorine (don’t you smell that sometimes?). I don’t want to say you should be looking for water with 0 total dissolved solids (tds), but those aren’t the solids we’re looking for. We want our water to be nourishing, thirst quenching, and the way water does this is with the minerals it provides. We optimally want to be drinking naturally sourced mineral water to ensure our processes are happening well. Along with ensuring the quality of water, it’s important to be taking in enough of it. Ideally a person should be drinking 1/2 their bodyweight in ounces of quality water each and every day. If you are active or in a warmer region where you’re sweating, maybe a little more.

Be mindful that even if we can’t obtain the most optimal water, any water that is safe to drink will be better than fighting dehydration. Some people have trouble remembering to drink water throughout the day- to this I encourage finding ways to remind yourself and encourage yourself to get into the habit of drinking your water daily. Purchase a water bottle you love the look of and are happy to bring around with you, set alarms throughout the day as a reminder to take a drink, mark your bottle with a marker or rubber bands to show you where you’ve started, or with multiple marks/bands to give you increments to drink at certain times.

Water really is one of the most simple, foundational parts of wellness but it can be so easily overlooked. What other helpful ways do you use to ensure you’re getting your water each day??

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