Across all of our nutrition studies, one theme has been very apparent; the body is designed to bring itself back to it's set point and maintain homeostasis no matter what we throw at it. It leeches nutrients from the body to process what is ingested if it needs to; or stores extra calories ingested as energy for the drought that it's programmed to expect to come. In other words, it does whatever it needs to do to survive.

But, we want to take it one step further and stop just surviving.

At Fuel For Life, our mission is to help you thrive! To be the best version of yourself and remember what being well really feels like. 

Image by Sri Lanka
Image by Nate Johnston


The human body is an incredible vessel full of endless interactions, connections and processes going on to keep us living, breathing and moving well. The intricacies of movement are something that many seek to understand, and something that many have studied, but the simple conclusion that all seem to come to, is that we must practice movement in various planes to provide ease of movement and give us the opportunity to add more days to our lives, and more life to our days.


In order to allow our bodies to move well, we must practice movement in ways that they are designed to move, that is to say that we should begin to move as humans again. Think about a sport you played growing up; you spent hours training and practicing disciplines that helped you in that sport. In doing so, you trained to be a player of that sport. In training to be a player of this sport you trained yourself out of what it is to move like a human. In many sports we move in certain patterns and planes, but tend to neglect the rest of the body as a whole.


In yoga, we utilize physical postures as a means of preparing the body to sit in a seat of stillness. In order to do this we find a well-rounded physical practice that utilizes various planes of motion, rotation through the joints and we learn to move our own bodies, build proprioception (awareness of the body in space), increase core + body stability, and find many other various physical benefits. And through this physical beginning we may expand into the mind space and farther.


If there's one thing we learn at a young age it is a love for food. Typically, we grow up watching and helping our mothers, aunts and grandmothers in the kitchen- we probably all think we're their favourite little helper.. And I'm sure we're all right! Anyways, it's clear that we have an emotional tie to food, and the idea of changing something we hold so dear is terrifying, so finding ways to incorporate healthier, whole-food based versions of our favourites is important.

After adopting a whole foods based lifestyle it can be a bit daunting, but as you get into it, it becomes clear that many of the things you know and love are easily made with higher quality ingredients (ones you might recognize and could even pronounce), that actually taste better!

Because wellness tastes better.

Understanding basic knife skills, flavour balancing and basic cooking techniques are all you need to get started on a delicious, nourishing, fulfilling path of culinary nutrition using whole foods to enrich your cells.

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