At Fuel For Life we strive to deliver the best recommendations specific to your body's imbalances and needs during any time of your life. Through our assessments we determine your body's imbalances and work with you to help guide you on the course of finding wellness.
Behind Fuel For Life, you will find two charismatic, knowledgable, relatable, individuals passionate about holistic health and wellness. Natalie and Cordell come together to create a program that is easy to follow, effective, and most of all- sustainable.
We know from experience that wellness can be intimidating, but we also know that it doesn't have to be! That's where we come in.


Natalie was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Canada in 2000 where she quickly found a feeling of home. Shortly after getting married and wanting to start a family, 3 years of fertility issues led her to start researching the effects of the chemicals we are being exposed to daily in the products we use and food we eat, on her own terms.
Through learning to naturally support the body in doing what it does best, Natalie was able to naturally conceive two children, and loves to teach them about clean living and making good food choices. 
The information she learnt ignited her passion to find health and wellness personally through keeping fit and living a clean lifestyle. In following these passions Natalie discovered Precision Nutrition where she completed her official designation towards health coaching. 
Natalie has achieved great personal wellness for herself and her family in the last 10 years. She is very excited to help others achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of life, and particularly women’s health.

Natalie D'Adamo Health Coach, Pn1


Cordell is a Calgary native who loves food. As a young boy he grew up playing soccer with a healthy appetite, but circumstances changed which led to an unhealthy emotional connection with food, an increased intake, and a slew of health issues that came with it all. On the road to weight loss and general wellness Cordell adopted a plant based lifestyle in 2009 and continues to eat this way.
Through his passion for plant based foods and desire to find wellness he found the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where he become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant (CHNC). Upon finishing his studies at CSNN, Cordell furthered his education through Precision Nutrition where he finished his Level 1 coaching program (Pn1) and is constantly furthering, as well as some specialist certification programs with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.
In finding wellness with nutrition, Cordell fell in love with various functional movement modalities and hopes to share this concept of nutritious movement with his clients.

Cordell Brown CHNC, Pn1, FRA, FRCms